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Elevate Your Game with Spin&Learn Table Tennis

Dive into the invigorating world of table tennis, fostering a love for the game while instilling a joy for learning. Spin&Learn is here to revolutionize table tennis in schools!

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Spin&Learn Student Perks

Explore the enriching benefits of our table tennis program designed for holistic student development.

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Enhanced School Attendance
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Tournament Participation
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Fostering a Love for Table Tennis
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Skill Acquisition in Table Tennis
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Social Growth and Harmony
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Holistic Mental and Physical Well-being
Our Training Philosophy

Embark on a journey through our structured learning pathway


Championing Inclusivity & Diversity in Schools with Table Tennis

At Spin&Learn, we are committed to crafting a table tennis community where every student feels seen, valued, and respected. We pave the way for enriching experiences that transcend beyond the table tennis court, fostering skill development and a haven of inclusivity and friendship. Join us on this joyous journey, where every game is a step towards building lasting friendships and a harmonious community.

About Us  

Serve, Spin & Share: Stories from Our Table Tennis Family

I enjoy this program immensely as it allows me to spend quality time with my friends, having fun and learning together as we play table tennis. My enthusiasm for the sport has only grown, and I am eager to continue developing my skills through Spin&Learn.

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PS1x school

The students have truly embraced the program, showing marked improvements in their table tennis skills and techniques. Each session, held on Wednesdays and Thursdays, showcases their growth, with visible advancements in their gameplay. This initiative has been a phenomenal opportunity, especially for students who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to engage with table tennis. I look forward to seeing them continue this journey in the coming year.

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PS/MS29 Teacher:

Joining with no prior tutoring or table tennis experience, I have found this program to be both enjoyable and enriching. My understanding of my role as a tutor has deepened significantly, mirrored by my improved table tennis abilities — progressing from a beginner to competently facing my peers in matches.

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HS381 Tutor Program: